Are you curious about what emerges from the ice ?

My latest work are reflections in the form of ice portraits and mixed media torn prints, its my story to connect  emerged from my previous work we are water.

It is involved in both my personal process and the process that we are confronted with every day worldwide.

We are all in the melting process, global warming is a source of inspiration but sometimes I feel frozen in the melting process.

I also see very beautiful things happen in the melting process, no matter how deceiving it can be.

in the form of opening up or thawing and connecting, we are already connected, even though it does not always feel that way.

on a personal level there is a noticeable awareness active, new parts of me are slowly thawing and coming to light.

some people are curious how I create the ice portraits it’s very simple, first i make a portrait photo, print it, freeze it and then i make photos of that print during the melting process. Sometimes I do something with the ice but the nicest is that the ice freezes, melts and crack in random ways,

so let it be is sometimes better than manipulate it, it creates itself like anything in nature.

Creating is the most beautiful thing there is, all my work is based upon experimenting and finding new ways to communicate without words,

just like a matter of fact i also composed pieces of music to accompany the works of art, the used frequencies of the music affect the water,

obviously including us because we are water.

All the work i create is real and physical i don’t use AI, it is all created from organic creative processes,

the next thing is to communicate it at the right place so that people can connect to it hear and feel it, that’s the goal.