are you curious about what emerges from the ice?…


my latest work is all about reflecting on the melting process, it goes two way, personal and global, born from the theme we are water.
in short it is ice portraits, frozen photo prints shot in the melting process and mixed media portraits torn photo-prints collages 
mixed with coloured newspaper fragments. all for real i don't use AI. I wonder why you should use artificial intelligence, 
while you own organic creative intelligence, but that is another topic.
My work personally is about recognizing myself as peeling away the layers that I have built around me over time slowly thawing and more and more is emerging.
It is also about ageing i guess about focusing on the things that really matter stop waisting time on nonsense. 

We are all confronted with the reality of global warming, we are all in a melting process. 
The ice melts and what emerges from it. can we figure this out together?

Sometimes i feel frozen in a melting process while in this journey reflecting on my personal circumstances in this world a whole lot is happening.
something beautiful can come out of us when we melt

some people are curious how I make the ice portraits it's very simple, make a photo print, freeze it and then take photos of the melting process.
i came up with it by experimenting, i like to advise create your own vision keep on experimenting to learn your language. Play!?!

Have a beautiful 2024